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I often view natural landscapes as lovers of sorts. In such places, nostalgia sometimes arises, and it's easy to equate tides, vistas, and any terrain of nature to a past lover if you only open your mind and imagination. From the curves of the wheat blowing in the open fields, the delicate petals of flowers, to the strong and towering stature of forest trees and vast moutain ranges.

I suppose some people just past by such scenes and think, or feel, absolutely nothing. However, each time I'm in a natural landscape, my mind begins to wander, romantic visions arise and I'm carried off to some magical mental state, if only for a brief period of time. It is here that I momentarily believe in the notion of fairy tales. Of all the landscapes, I dislike the ocean and sea most. Violent, unsteady and often aggressive. The great unknown, the depths and darkness of which remain a mystery to most humans, incapable of ever being wholly experienced or felt. The behaviors of the tide, waves and rhythm often resemble a cocky, aggressive, alpha male. For the sea rushes to kiss the shore day after day, no matter how many times it's pushed away. An overall machismo type of behavior that I despise in men, and I guess natural landscapes also. For those who somehow find peace, comfort and happiness in the open waters, these photos are for you, taken during a trip to San Diego, California last summer.

1. All these photos were taken near Seal Beach, a well known stopping point in La Jolla, California. This is a hilly and picturesque beach community near San Diego. People even climb directly into the waters here and swim with the stinky seals. This marine life, along with dolphins, plays a major role in military operations and drills in the San Diego area. They are used for a multitude of military purposes, which I'll explain in a later post. Somehow it made me sad...

2. Everywhere there are hanging cliffs and rocky barriers to control the ocean tides. San Diego - it is absolutely one of my favorite cities in California and a dream destination for those who love sunny weather, as the climate here is warm all year round, with little rain. About this region, I will try to write some reports because I have a lot of old photos from the journey.


3. Ocean selfie, when I first bought my selfie stick, but I felt ridiculous and narcisistic carrying this thing around during travels so I stopped using it.


I’m most drawn to forests or mountains, filled with trees, peaceful sounds, and mysterious, even wild creatures. Birches, pines, redwoods -  mighty, legendary, strong - often sheltering you from the harsh elements or blinding light. They learn to bend and sway in the wind, the tempest of storms, and often bounce back. They continually shed layers and are reborn again. Sometimes bruised, damaged, broken - but still alive for years and years, always deeply attached to their roots. Just like my idea of a good man. :)) Of course, I realize mountains are also deadly at times, unstable, annihilating human life in an instant with avalanches, landslides or blizzards - but, it is not the way I have experienced them in my lifetime or travels. So, I'll continue walking through local forests, driving and hiking through mountain regions...waiting for magic to bite.

Starting tomorrow, there will be a lot of photos of mountains from Georgia. I hope you do not tire of them…and what is your favorite natural landscape?

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