Jan. 8th, 2016

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This is perhaps the most existential question of all time. In yesterday's post about Christmas, one of my readers commented that my audience is filled with nonbelievers. What does that say about me, or the content of my blog? I'm not sure. :) So, it's time to take a poll. Do you believe in God or some other deity? What is the foundation for your belief or disbelief? Maybe some of you are undecided? I know many Russians don't like to talk about personal details, but it's interesting to know more about the strangers around the globe who read me. Please answer to help me understand more about the demographics of my audience. If you want to know my views on this topic, simply click on the "religion" tag in my blog to see relevant stories, and my opinion will be easy to decipher. Thanks and a pleasant weekend to all!
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When you haven't lived with a man for a long time, you forget about their annoying habits. Now I live with not one, but TWO men! I have two male roommates and we share a bathroom. This creates household wars and horrors! The women in the house argue that the men should always put the toilet seat down after they pee. The men say "why!?!, just push it down when you need to sit!" What is the proper etiquette? :) Men, do you put the toilet seat down after you pee? I beg you to please do it if you share a bathroom with a woman. I can hardly describe the feeling of being half asleep, crawling out of a warm bed in the middle of the night, entering a dark bathroom and sitting down only to discover the toilet seat is up. Suddenly you fall into the bowl and your ass is splashed with cold water! Instant alarm clock! :)) It looks something like this....Read more... )


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