Jan. 11th, 2016

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I'm always so excited to hop on a plane and journey to some far off, exotic place that I fail to remember all the beauty and diversity in my own country. This year for my annual birthday trip I've decided to travel to Montana. I've long wanted to visit this State and my cousin now plays in an amateur hockey league there. My home base will be Helena, but I plan on visiting Bozeman, Missoula, and possibly taking a train trip to Whitefish. This is a real cowboy State, filled with ranchers and amazing mountainous landscapes. The main objective is to take a winter excursion to the famed Yellowstone National Park. Such adventures are only possible in winter via snowmobile or snow coaches, but what awaits are endless snowy landscapes, bison, wolves and plenty of frozen wonders. It's also possible I'll be able to visit an authentic Native American reservation, as the family who hosts my cousin during his hockey season are members of a tribe.

Do I have any readers in Montana? Suggestions on what to see? Tentative travel dates are 18 February - 24 February. I will be pleased to meet any readers who live in the area!


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