Jan. 22nd, 2016

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My visa photo, taken exactly three years ago today, for my first journey to Russia. Now the visa is getting ready to expire, and after so many adventures in this country, it's time to explore new places...where visas aren't required. The world is a big place, filled with diversity, intrigue and beauty on so many levels. Don't be afraid to explore or push your comfort zone...in your own country and in distant lands. I've spent over half my life in some type of school or university, yet I continue to believe travel is the best education in the world, a pathway for enlightenment and self-discovery in ways you can never imagine. Such things can't be taught in a classroom, or recreated by a professor and a chalkboard. If I had it to do all over again, I would have never invested so much money in my doctorate degree. It taught me absolutely nothing about life, or myself. But we must accept the bad choices we make in life, learn from them, and move on.

With travel, your entire perspective changes, and first world problems about which we all complain seem meaningless and absurd. On your deathbed, don't you want some exciting stories and legacies to pass along to your children, grandchildren, friends and relatives? Something besides..."I sat at my desk every day, and now I'm ready to die..." Think about it. There's a stereotype that Americans think of nothing but work, but I don't see this with any of my friends. A new generation is born, where there is a prime value placed on work/life balance. A lot of Americans are no longer content to waste their lives away in the office, and because most of our work is now done at computers, many people have the luxury of doing their job from anywhere on the globe. This includes me.

Enjoy the moment, always, and don't say "in the future I'll do this, or when I'm older", because we don't know if these days will come...


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