Apr. 5th, 2016

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You know, I used to be a waitress during university days. I worked at both Olive Garden and Ruby Tuesday's. If you live in, or have visited the USA, you will recognize them because they are chain restaurants, located in most States. Back then, I embraced my feminine charms on an entirely different level. This meant getting dressed up as a doll almost every shift, wearing cleavage exposing tops, and other things that I don't do now. The reason? Of course, it led to better tips. :)

In the U.S., we have a service focused culture. We expect good, friendly and efficient service, and it's most often received. But last night I became enraged when I went with my friend to a local joint for dinner. It was early, and we were the only customers in the dining room. The waitress came to our table with a shitty attitude, brought menus, took our order, and then immediately delivered drinks and free bread. Then, we never saw her again!?! Another person brought our food to the table, our drink glasses remained empty, and meanwhile the waitress stood chatting on the phone for at least 45 minutes in some type of argument with her boyfriend or husband. I could hear the whole conversation and all the drama.

So, how do you react in such situations? Or, you just accept bad service with no complaints?my method and a brief English lesson from Shannon :) )


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