May. 12th, 2016

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Draped in clouds, I can easily weave my own stories and fairy tales, and for a brief moment they existed on Saturday, when I spent the afternoon lying in this field of buttercups. Their damp petals were fully stretched to a softness that even butterflies would slip if they dare trod upon them. Now, again, we have grey skies and rain in my area for the 19th straight day. I can't remember so many consecutive days of this dreariness in my lifetime...uninspiring.

Many people have told me I always have my head in the clouds, and while I think this is mostly meant as an insult, they are absolutely right! :) I think it's better to be a dreamer engaged in afternoon or moonlit dances with clouds, petals or distant stars than to constantly live in a grey, expressionless or foggy void.

I suppose rain also has seductive charms, creating glistening eyelashes that easily entice, steady and rhythmic pulses like tap dancers on the streets or tin roofs, but the allure of these downpours is lost during the workday, sitting in the office and traffic. The bewitching spell is most often cast in the arms of a wet lover, silver liquid kisses...yep, they are enchanting. But I began to wonder why? Probably we are conditioned to believe such as a result of thousands of scenes from romantic movies, where lovers always become passionately entwined in downpours. Or, maybe it's just one of those things that simply exists and is felt, without explanation, as is almost always the case with love and whimsical emotions.

Anyway, I'm alive but don't have time or inspiration to write texts the past few weeks. I hope everyone had a wonderful May holiday, and is now in the summer mood, as I know this is the season where most people thrive and feel happiest. Weather seriously impacts my mood on multiple levels, and while I'm not normally bothered by rain and even find delight on it on occasion, after three weeks straight it grows, please send some gentle sunbeams my way. :)


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