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There's nothing to write or say about these pictures. If I felt inspired, I would sit and create some poetic or dreamy lyrics to accompany them, but lately it seems almost no one reads such texts. And I'm lazy today, so I will just publish the photos to show you more of the scenic landscapes from Montana. This State is rarely visited by foreign tourists, as they are all gathered in New York City, Washington, DC, Miami, Las Vegas or San Francisco. These cities consistently rank as the most visited by foreign guests in the USA. It's a pity because I think there are so many more interesting, unique and beautiful places in America, including Montana. I hope you enjoy!Read more... )
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I grew up a small town girl, and it's in such places where I feel most comfortable. While I can find common ground and carry a conversation with almost any person, I'm an introvert by nature and don't crave constant social interactions or encounters with other persons. This is why I've always felt uncomfortable in concrete jungles, or cities over-flooded with humanity at almost every corner. The constant chatter from the mouths of strangers and clicking sounds of feet pounding on pavement are somehow exhausting to me. I receive no rush of energy or pleasure from these crowds, only a sense of suffocation and irritation. When I first arrived in Montana, it became clear this State is unique. Perhaps like none other I've visited, with the exception of Wyoming.Read more... )
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I envisioned wonderful nature and big mountains when I planned the trip to Montana, but there's one thing about the landscape of this State that totally surprised me. I had no idea there are so many casinos, so I was immediately shocked when I left the airport and saw the bright, flashy signs light up the night scenery. For a brief moment, I thought I mistakenly landed in Las Vegas! My home base during the trip was the capital city Helena, which has less than 30,000 residents. The sparse population makes Montana unique. The State is massive in size, with less than a million people spread over the land. I began to wonder why such an uninhabited region needs so many casinos around every corner...and I'm still not sure of the answer.Read more... )
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What is this man holding? And who knows the significance of the object? The correct answer will receive a prize, and I will disclose the answer next week. The winners of the last contest still have not sent me their contact information - [ profile] caramba_hola [ profile] ipgiss_07. Please send me your mailing addresses so I can send you the deck of cards and other prize via post. The first person to answer my questions correctly wins this game. The comments are once again seen only be me, so as to not spoil the mystery if someone quickly guesses the name and significance of the object. Good luck!
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There's a certain childhood rite of passage I never experienced - eating cafeteria lunches. I attended a small, religious school from 5th - 12th grade, surrounded by the same faces until graduation. There were rarely new students who transferred to the school, no new boys to flirt with, or mysterious strangers who suddenly appeared at the desk beside me. In one word, I would describe my school experience as boring. The same can be said of my daily lunches, which my mom diligently packed every morning. Usually, the lunchbox consisted of a peanut butter or ham and cheese sandwich, some type of chips and a piece of fruit. I always envied kids who had the joy of entering the canteen each day to have old ladies with hairnets shovel different food onto their tray, sometimes completely inedible and sometimes a fun game to guess what the mystery meat or slop was. It all seemed very exotic and exciting for someone who was insanely bored being around the same kids and learning environment for so many years.Read more... )
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I like the tradition of sending postcards to readers during my journeys, but in Montana I was not riding in tourist areas often, and there aren't many shops spread across this big State. In Yellowstone, I picked up this deck of cards which is quite interesting. Each card contains a unique fact about Montana. For instance, this card explains the significance of fly fishing in the region. "Montana is a popular destination for trout fishing since the 1930's and the Federation of Fly Fishers calls Montana home." Endless seeds of knowledge for you to absorb in this deck. :))

Who wants the prize? I have one other souvenir I can pass along to another reader as well. The winners will be the people who leave comment #50 and #85. Comments are all hidden from public view, so only I see them until the contest is over. You can participate from anywhere in the world. The U.S. Postal Service is quite reliable and efficient, so hopefully the cards will arrive, no matter where you live. I will update the post and disclose the winners tomorrow night at 21:00 Moscow time. I reserve the right to change the contest rules if there are not enough comments, and pick the winners at random. I'm a lawyer, remember, so I must express the rules of the contest clearly. :)) Удачи!

UPDATE: The winners are [ profile] caramba_hola and [ profile] ipgiss_07. Please send me a personal message in LJ with your full name and address, and I will mail the prizes next week. Thanks to all who wrote to say hello and for participating in the contest!

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I'm always so excited to hop on a plane and journey to some far off, exotic place that I fail to remember all the beauty and diversity in my own country. This year for my annual birthday trip I've decided to travel to Montana. I've long wanted to visit this State and my cousin now plays in an amateur hockey league there. My home base will be Helena, but I plan on visiting Bozeman, Missoula, and possibly taking a train trip to Whitefish. This is a real cowboy State, filled with ranchers and amazing mountainous landscapes. The main objective is to take a winter excursion to the famed Yellowstone National Park. Such adventures are only possible in winter via snowmobile or snow coaches, but what awaits are endless snowy landscapes, bison, wolves and plenty of frozen wonders. It's also possible I'll be able to visit an authentic Native American reservation, as the family who hosts my cousin during his hockey season are members of a tribe.

Do I have any readers in Montana? Suggestions on what to see? Tentative travel dates are 18 February - 24 February. I will be pleased to meet any readers who live in the area!


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