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Sometimes you write a post, and the words are like a huge echo. You have no idea where the words travel, who hears their tone, or in what country the human reading them is located. So, this post is just a short test to check blog traffic, and see who is still visiting LJ during the long holiday in Russia.

I can't imagine having so many days off in a row, as it is unheard of in the USA unless you are taking personal vacation. The country simply would not shut down for two weeks. I was off for too many days the past month because my office was empty, with no work to do. I almost went insane from idleness, but got to see some films in the cinema - the children's movie "Sing," "Passengers", and a very good and touching movie called "Manchester by the Sea." Plus, tons of old films on Netflix. :)

Who is here? :) Also, how many of you have heard of This is another blogging platform, with an interface similar to LJ. I am thinking about cross-posting there, as there is a mix of both Russian and English language blogs, in an effort to draw new readers and commentators to the blog. I want to continue to publish posts about my journey to the tiny gem called Georgia, but only if there are people to view the words and photos, to absorb the stories, and somehow find meaning, pleasure, or even aggravation in them.

Happy New Year dear readers! I hope 2017 is a good one...
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Disappearing acts - they happen often in life, and right here on LJ. People, love, pain, grief, sadness, elation - they can exist at various points and then disappear instantly, or gradually fade from existence over time. I believe it is the cycle of life for most humans. And it has happened to my post from yesterday - now gone, I suspect as a result of some updates to LJ last evening where the system was entirely disabled, and I awoke to see the text vanished. I'm too lazy to recreate it, but if you want to discuss anything, or suggest topics for other posts, you can write to me in the comments. I will take into consideration, as the travel posts take a really long time to write, and we need something to feel the void in between. Or, I can just stay will go on either way. :)
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Greetings from the USA! I'm reminded that today is the four year anniversary of my blog. On 27 August 2012, I published my very first story about my love for flight. There are a lot of words, emotions and thoughts. This is the only way I know how to write - in an expressive sense. I understand it's annoying to some, but I'm not the type of person who can ever accept the answer "just because" to any question posed, and I don't like people who can't articulate why they feel or believe a certain way. "Just because" - it's never an acceptable response in any situation, not even love in my view.

We must think about our choices in life, and understand why we are taking certain actions. This is not always easy or comfortable. It takes effort, self-reflection, and other scary sensations that most people fear, or are too lazy to battle. It's always simpler, after all, to just go with the flow. We are all a work in progress, constantly evolving, at least I believe this to be the case if you are truly living, and not merely existing.

I wish to thank all the readers who have stuck by me for four years. Many have come and gone, some of you I have had the pleasure of meeting in person, however most I know only virtually. Yet there is some sense of connection and recognition after sharing thoughts, views and opinions with you all these years.

I'm sorry I haven't written recently, there has been no motivation. I just returned from a wonderful adventure in Alberta, Canada and Montana, and in about a month will finally embark on my big expedition to the country of Georgia.

I wish you all a pleasant weekend! And thanks again for your support, loyalty, humor and always challenging me - on multiple levels! :)

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Gravelly Point 066

Since childhood I've been fascinated by airplanes. Not in a mechanical or engineering sense, but for the possibility of exploration and human observation. To me airplanes represent freedom, innovation and emotion. On any given flight every human emotion is present. People anxious and excited to see loved ones, meet an important client, close a business deal or arrive at some exotic locale. Conversely, there are sad people leaving family or loved ones, tired business travelers and rude, grouchy people. If you look closely it is sometimes easy to see into which category a particular passenger falls.
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Please replace the word "MOVIE" with "FORUM", and by forum I mean the internet as a whole, and specifically LJ. Over the weekend, some self-loathing troll decided to invade my blog and leave all kinds of misogynistic comments, all written as "anonymous." I've never censored any type of criticism toward me here - people have openly insulted my looks, clothes, mentality, life choices, etc., and I tolerate it for two reasons: (1) people are entitled to their opinions; and (2) freedom of expression is the only way to have open and productive discussions, facilitate changes in mentality, and progress societies as a whole. But I will no longer permit blatant misogyny here, directed toward all women in general.

All anonymous comments are now banned. I previously allowed them, but only after I screened them first. I don't have time to weed through dozens of sexist comments to find a diamond in the rough. If you wish to communicate with me, you will have to register as an LJ user to leave comments moving forward. Of all the comments left the past few days, nothing infuriates me more than the following:Read more... )
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Who knew that it was shameful to eat off of paper plates, or sip from a plastic cup? My translated post about Thanksgiving appeared in TOP LJ all day yesterday, and the comments were just a feast for the soul and mind! Many people immediately commented on the fact that my family eats off of paper plates, not porcelain or china! This is a sign of bad taste and a lower class upbringing, of course! We are poorly educated American rednecks! :)) Apparently after slaving over the oven all day cooking for 40 people, many Russians would prefer to stand at the sink in the evening for hours loading the dishwasher multiple times or hand-washing precious porcelain than demean themselves and use disposable plates and cups! My family certainly owns nice porcelain, but we don't feel the need to eat off of sparkling plates at such huge gatherings. Does the food taste different if it's served on a fancy plate? I don't think so. :) Other common observations in the comments:Read more... )
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Some bloggers consider themselves to be "celebrities," their whole content and personality change as they climb in the ratings. I've noticed it especially with male bloggers - some sense of superiority, stroking each other's cocks by promoting each other in posts. A few months ago, I began to watch my own rating and social capital, for a brief moment in time thinking it actually meant something, or that it was a sign of achievement to be more highly ranked. In reality, it takes absolutely no talent or creativity. The main formula for success nowadays is to write scandalous headlines, even when the corresponding text bears absolutely no relation to the title. Second, you need to crank out a lot of posts, writing one or two stories daily. With such mass production, it's very hard to maintain quality writing and text. Sadly, I've seen many good bloggers fall into this trap, with their content growing worse and worse, while their ratings climb higher.What happened? )
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Unfortunately, this woman continues to harass me and spread lies, so I'm posting the full content of the abuse complaint here, so it is available for public view. You can read under the cut. If you ever wish to seek permission to use my copyrighted images, it's easy to do. My blog address and name are printed on almost every photo I publish here. The excuse that you don't know how to contact me is pathetic and will not be accepted. You can send a private message to me in LiveJournal, write a comment to the post in which the photo is displayed, or send me a personal email through the Gmail account displayed in my profile. Have a nice weekend!full abuse complaint )
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From the very beginning of this blog, I've advocated for free expression, divergent viewpoints, and admittedly allowed too many abusive comments to infiltrate some posts. The reason is simple - I'm a huge advocate of free speech, even if the viewpoint being expressed is completely idiotic from my perspective, untruthful, or especially unfavorable to me personally. Unfortunately, this week I have no time to write travel stories because I've been consumed with trying to get my copyrighted photos removed from two posts, which have drawn a lot of attention here on LJ.

For those who are unaware, after the Russian translation of my story about the villagers appeared in the popular community [ profile] odin_moy_den last week, someone came up with the brilliant idea to create a scandalous post about me, using a copyrighted photo of myself and one of the kind villagers I met as the backdrop to speak negatively about my appearance (calling me a "piglet") and write a long list of anti-Western sentiments. Btw, the person who wrote the post is an immigrant, now living in Houston, Texas. This, in and of itself, does not concern me. However, it soon became very clear that the true intention of the author was to promote her YouTube videos, piano software and music lessons in the comments to the post. Sadly, the author's creative scam worked, and the post hung in TOP LJ for an entire day, collecting almost 2,000 comments, hundreds of which were generated by the author herself, constantly throwing links to promote her business and get free advertisement at my expense. This behavior is sad and pathetic in itself; however, the reaction from the LJ community was even more disconcerting. So many people quickly climbed to the comments, anxious to spit bile and hate towards me and America, not even realizing that they, themselves, were being played by the author, manipulating and encouraging them on, so she could continue to get free promotion for her business in the comments. Yes, I'm very emotional, angry and frustrated over this situation...Read more... )


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