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Who wants a postcard from one of my favorite States? I have four, to send anywhere on the globe. Leave your name and address in the comments, and I'll send the cards to the addresses displayed in comments 25, 50, 75 and 100. All comments are protected so no one will see your address except me. And, here's a few iPhone pics of my relaxing time on the Northern sea coast.Read more... )
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Hello dear readers! I know many of you voted for me to travel to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, but unfortunately finances are tight and airfare there too expensive. So, in a week, I'll return to my beloved Maine and go on another road journey to New England. During the trip, I plan on meeting with Samantha Smith's mother in Boothbay Harbor. What questions do you want me to ask her?

I've had no time for the blog recently due to a hectic work and life schedule. :(  However, next week I'll show you "good Russia," with stories about Kazan and Ples from the winter journey. In the meantime, please let me know what questions you have for Samantha's mom. I'm happy I can finally leave the office for a week, meet with her, and relax in the beautiful surroundings of cozy New England. Does the younger generation in Russia know about Samantha's legacy? How do they learn about her? Or, is she mostly known to those who grew up during the Soviet period? I think her mother will be interested in knowing these facts. :) Have a nice weekend!

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Nestled in the hills of Vermont is a magnificent piece of land called Shelburne Farms. The farm is depicted here in the cover photo and it could easily be mistaken for a palatial estate. In fact, it's a working farm where kids and adults alike can spend an entire day getting lost in the mountain views, running with animals, eating delicious food, or simply walking the grounds. Perhaps this farm story will get lost in the sea of posts about the Navalny protests, but I hope some of you enjoy this story from one of my favorite States. I've been to Vermont four times this year and each time I love it more. It's like another planet here, where the pace of life is much slower than DC. Where every "city" is like a postcard from small town America. This farm embodies everything special about Vermont - beautiful nature, people who appreciate simplicity, and the incredible sense of community that binds the residents of one of America's smallest States.Read more... )
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Kindness comes in all shapes and forms, and sometimes when least expected. I thought I would take a break from the blog this week but I want to share with you a nice story. On Sunday I wrote that I was stranded in Vermont, unable to get on flights because of cancellations or no space. But sometimes things happen for a reason, to teach us lessons or to change the course of our lives for the better.

Recently I've been surrounded by a lot of jerks - miserable people trying to infect me with their pessimism and straight out meanness. It's the reason I went to Vermont. To escape to a very peaceful place and enjoy some solitude. Sunday began very early, leaving my bed&breakfast at 3:30 a.m. to catch a 5:30 a.m. flight back to DC. And here's what transpired:Read more... )
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On Friday afternoon I decided to take a quick weekend trip to the farmland of Vermont. But now I'm stuck! I think I previously mentioned I used to work for the airlines before I became a lawyer. I still have a close friend who works at United Airlines and she lists me as a flight beneficiary. So I'm able to fly to lots of places almost free, but always standby. Today I tried to make a 5:30 a.m. flight back to DC but it was full. So I'll try again at 2 p.m. and hopefully make my way back to DC sometime today.Read more... )
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Today is my last day in Russia. Exhausted but a really fabulous and interesting trip. Soon I'll try to write about some of the cities we visited. In the meantime, I'll speak a bit about a trip to New Hampshire shortly after Christmas. I recently read that at one time there were over 10,000 covered bridges in the U.S. but today only around 750 exist. New Hampshire is home to many, some operational some not. This one is my favorite with the weathered American flag.
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Feb. 2nd, 2013 01:48 pm
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A few days after Christmas, I took a drive to Maine to visit another New England State. The ride is about nine hours from DC, a manageable journey when shared with a pleasant companion. As a child my family went camping in Maine a few summers, but honestly I don't remember much about it. As a kid, I suppose I was more concerned with playing with my younger sister in the sand than taking in the beautiful scenery. Here's a nice lighthouse - shame on me I don't remember the name! Maine is known for these fixtures and over sixty lighthouses grace its captivating and rocky coastline.  

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If heaven exists I imagine it would have freezers full of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, to be eaten at any time without guilt or consequence. This brand has always been my favorite, expensive but utterly divine with the mix of real cream, sugar and other high quality natural ingredients. The company's main factory is located in Vermont and I made a quick stop during a recent visit to the State. Read more... )
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Last month I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with life and decided to take a long weekend trip to Vermont. So I took the hour flight from DC, rented a car, and drove around the State for a few days. The peaceful landscapes of Vermont and its kind inhabitants provided a warm and very welcome escape from the chaos of DC life. Vermont, one of the smallest States in the U.S., is full of farmland, kind people and lots of wondrous mountains. Its inhabitants share a hippie mentality, very tied to nature and enthusiastic to support their local community. Almost all restaurants buy meats, produce and dairy from local Vermont farms. In some restaurants, the menus even specify from which farm the meats were purchased. I love this sense of solidarity Read more... )


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