Feb. 4th, 2016

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Accusations of the crime can destroy a man's life, career or future, but in cases where rape is proven there still exists some horrible dichotomy in U.S. laws when it comes to parental rights. I'm not a criminal defense lawyer, and have never handled a rape case in my legal career, though I've worked in the family courts on child custody, support and visitation cases. All I can say about the family court system in the U.S. is that it's a complete clusterfuck. There are no other words. Here you see the most vile aspects of human behavior - jealousy, greed and hate, with an innocent child being batted around as a ball and strategic object in the process. It's depressing to say the least, and I could never do this work full time because it's too emotionally draining. Last night, I read an interesting article that discussed the parental rights of rapists. Should they have custody and visitation rights? It was then that I learned about the status of U.S. laws on this issue, which vary by State.let's discuss )
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I continue to plan for the big journey in autumn, and discovered that a Georgian bakery recently opened in my home town of Manassas, Virgina. It's a real tragedy that there are no Georgian restaurants in the Washington, DC area, only Russian eateries. To compare Russian and Georgian cuisine to me is pointless, because they are different in my view, and certainly to my taste buds. I remember tasting Georgian food for the first time in St. Petersburg, some type of spicy chicken dish covered in a decadent and delicious sauce. Then, the waiter brought chacha and some hot bread which the entire table devoured. I visited the bakery yesterday, called MamaAchma's, with the hope of having a similar meal, but alas, there is still no decent Georgian dining options in my area. :(( The small cafe had almost no food choices, but there was one good thing...Read more... )


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