Apr. 13th, 2016

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I'm sorry I've been disconnected recently, but I have no motivation or creative inspiration for the blog the past few weeks. I don't know what's causing this extreme dry spell, or general sense of apathy. Such a dreary, moody disposition is rare for me, and hopefully it will soon pass. In the meantime, here's an example of just one of the beautiful street art scenes I saw in San Antonio, Texas last week. I've always admired birds. I guess it's because they see things from a unique angle, and have the ability to escape at a moment's notice, drifting away to a different landscape or latitude in an instant. I imagine their life as complete freedom, and I'm envious. Because the feeling of being trapped or staying in the same place for eternity is terrifying to me. Or maybe it's because birds dare to break the shell, pushing through until they finally see the light, spread their wings and begin their journey. It seems like a simple formula for success - you dream, you dare, you fly...

The artist signed this painting with the simple hashtag #WhatLiftsYou, so I ask you the same. What lifts you in life? Unfortunately, as humans, we don't have wings. Or, maybe some of you do...:)


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